26 July 2009


This bleak
This rotten starry black
exploding beneath my closed eyelids
A dance of death; a brush with heaven
One more visit with the Other Side.

I can't sleep.
Fingers roll deeply into make-up greased grooves
and can barely make out the old typography of my face

I rise
with touseled hair tied into knots
from endless hours battling with my pillow

Dead-bone moon peeps into my window.
I close the shade;

I don't much like the invasion.


Unknown said...

Hi :)
Thanks for sharing the poem INVASION.
Each word weighed with poignant imagery eliciting my emotional reaction.
I enjoyed it greatly.
Love from Northern Ontario

Anonymous said...

Really liked this. And really hated it because it reminded me of exactly how I feel when I have insomnia. But mostly really liked it. :-) Well done.

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Wow, really enjoyed this one. I could not sleep last night - funny I would read this today.