23 October 2010

On-Air #Poetry


Bring it all out into the open

This terrifying world of

words left unspoken

In the morning be sure to bring

another line

drop your dime

and listen to me as I speak

Ten worlds apart this

heart brought forth with electric spark

left out to grow and mold and to get

quickly old to bring a play in all the

words I might say

There's no play with this, the one that I know I'll

find within the confines of beaten atrocities

Kick the soul from the corpse and beat the dead

Horse to drive it down deeper

and so much farther into this cracked


to lie to rest the very goddamn best

You thought you could do for me

You see?

I bring it here to spread it out and face your fears and

your burned and ashen tears that aren't really there

I swear

If someone does not change the station I am going to cut him.

On the fucking air.

- Carrie Clevenger


Unknown said...

I like how this builds up to the end. Someday, I swear I will attempt to write a passable poem. Just one. And it has to tell a story. Until then I'll continue reading yours.

Unknown said...
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Pamila Payne said...

I hear music again. Whenever you post poetry, I sense songs lurking around wishing you'd make them real.

Laurita said...

I agree with Pamela. This could so easily be a song.

lillith said...


Jodi MacArthur said...

cut that f*cking line, and make the show yuo're own. And thts exactly wht yuo did with ths poem. It feels as if yuo are resurecting yourself thruogh these words. I know tht's a weird thing to say.. raelly enjoyed this.

Mark Kerstetter said...

It starts with a whisper but it makes a big sound.

Dorothy F. Shaw said...

Love it Carrie! It builds and then explodes for me.