12 August 2011

Goiter Ghost, a #Fridayflash

Morning Bob, how’s that woman coming along? You read her the Riot Act like I told you?

Yeap and she didn’t like it one bit. Took the kids and went to her mother’s.

She’s an ornery one, that Regina.

That woman wasn’t just the orneriest thing out there in the swamp. There was that ghost goiter, Sangerria.

--like a real ghost?

Yes like a real ghost, now shut up, you’re breakin’ the ambulance. 

Don’t you mean ambivalence?

Whatever. Me and Johnny grabbed our bibles and rifles and took on off out there in Jim’s old T so we could get a good look at the Devil.

You can’t see the Devil, Bob.

I know that but that goiter had to be the next best thing. Pale as a corpse with yellow eyes. It snapped and hissed at the both of us but we held fast. See, there was a screwdriver buried deep in its side. It was in a heap of pain and probably dying.

So what’d you do? Pull it out and make friends?

Hell no. We did what any self-respecting country boys would’ve done. We had him for dinner.

(Photo credit: gxman from morguefile.com)


Icy Sedgwick said...

Freaky photo! Excellent to see you back for Friday flash. Love the voices in this one - could really hear them in my mind.

Tim VanSant Writes said...

Mmmm, ghost goiter for dinner.

This is a tasty little tale.

Anonymous said...

I have friends who would pull the same thing. Very amusing.

Random FYI: Albino alligators don't live very long in the wild, partly for lack of camouflage but mostly because gators need sunlight to digest and albino ones can get fatally sunburned in the process.

Stina said...

Heh. I can hear this clear as day: "You can't see the Devil Bob." Very entertaining piece. :D

John Wiswell said...

I diverge from Stina - I misread it originally as though 'Devil Bob' was a title. Might there be a comma there, to imply tone?

I immediately read this as a conversation between gators and dug it thoroughly. Thanks for sharing, Carrie!

Carrie Clevenger said...

Thanks you guys. John, made the correction. Commas never were a strong point for me. :)

Eric J. Krause said...

Good story! Loved the voice in it. And that picture certainly gave me chills. Wouldn't want to run into that guy, no siree.

Winnie Jean Howard said...

So short and so sweet. Great way to end it too.

Love the albino alligator pic, or was it a crocodile?

Anonymous said...

Neat Story!!! I liked it!!!

Tony Noland said...

I loved the "ambulance" gag - great line.

Jason Coggins said...

And she's back! Thanks for reminding what Flash Fiction is all about. A true cure for the Epic.

Anonymous said...

So great that you're back Carrie, and with a humdinger of a story - love it!

nerinedorman said...

Loik it a lot!

Dorothy F. Shaw said...

Nice... and funny. The stuff you come out with has always amazed me. Such a talent my friend. Never stop writing.

J. M. Strother said...

That was pure fun. Enjoyed it a lot.