29 January 2010

"Of Rust and Dead Sound" #Poetry

I know
that there is space out there
seated well between the scent and shape
of air
a tender repletion
a constant competition
of simmer and sweat and the best
plot yet
'Tho they wrestle the blood to the ground
I've found that there's nothing quite like

Dead sound.

Rattle bones and sweep the streets
this dark does ring
although not quite as sweet
As a fresh beginning
Better than the ending and
in between
the scenes and sheen of a newborn friend
I found bells to ring heavy and
Rust in dust to bring
Me, simply.


Stina said...

I love the rhythm of your poetry. It isn't conventional, but it has its own cadence. Very stark, painful imagery, but somehow the melancholy gives way to a contented, maybe even pleased tone. Very interesting piece.

Unknown said...

How do you do it?

I like the space around "Dead sound." Nice break, both in reading and layout design.
-David G Shrock

Dorothy F. Shaw said...

Beautiful poem Carrie.. Thank you for sharing.

Lily Mulholland said...

Seriously fantastic imagery wound around 'dead sound'. I too would like to know how you do it.

Carrie Clevenger said...

Metaphors and saying it aloud. I suppose I think in rhymes naturally. I was a poet before I invented stories. =)