21 January 2010

"this" #Poetry

I am
a box of paradox
so hard to be free
to be who I am
the lion eats the lamb
and I see
a peaceful eternity

I am not money
but power
in each and every
torturous hour
a simple inoculation
of revelation
into the center
of my gravity
It's hard to be
mean as me and yet
still have a heart.

I'll bet you never knew
that I could kill so very
and that those words
could tear apart your stolid beliefs
A definite electrocution
of pointed and repeated

A new disposition
on my limited edition
A snide remark played out between
the sheets of music and me
the worst drama queen

I know you've never seen
Someone as quite as contradictory
and extraordinary
as me.
an apparition bestowed upon
a grateful mind
A perfect find
to highlight an otherwise
grey-streaked day--

I don't come any other way.


Jim Bronyaur said...

Money, power, lion, lamb. . . AWESOME Carrie!

"I don't come any other way" - such a perfect way to send the poem.


Marisa Birns said...

The Ying and the Yang of existence.

And while you may be contradictory, you are extraordinary in so many ways. :)

Amy said...

Niiiice! Lovely rhythm. I don't come any other way either...must be the poetic disposition! :)

Unknown said...

Good beat with a resonating ending.

Kristy Baxter said...

I don't think I have the words to express how much I love this poem. Which is always troubling, seeing as how I'm, like, supposed to be a writer.

But if words can't speak, actions will: I'm copying this down in my journal, which I never do, because I feel one day, or maybe many days, I'm going to need it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful and powerful stuff here, Carrie. Great work, as always.

Linda said...

Love this. Great assonance and consonance, flips me down to the end... Peace, Linda